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Dark Crystal hard copy

Dark Crystal hard copy

Dark Crystal Publisher's Description

Dark Crystal introduces more on the ?lost` structure of Creation Physics, the altered human genetics, the false Merkaba, and the 'Pha'. This was knowledge still taught by the ancestors of the Essenes, the Astrian ?Star Travelers` just after the biblical Flood 12,000 years ago. Their records were rewritten into recreated 'religions', but their information was once a science and an escape route. Detailed diagrams and ?maps` for the first time show how the planet has been hijacked and is now completing the magnetically remastered grid around this planet, which was begun in Atlantis. It is all a war that takes place within minds, and is being orchestrated and instructed from sophisticated 'command centers' which easily tap into the '4th dimension'. Within the context of having completed the necessary information within the preceding modules, this module reveals what, why, and how this is being done, how there are many people unknowingly helping this agenda, and how we could have stopped it. 'Dark Crystal' shows the nature of Sacred Geometry and the very real application of Diabolical Physics that took place in the days of 'Atlantis'..........Dark Crystal also introduces why some of our accepted healing/exercise practices may be splitting our connection with the original ?Divine Blueprint`. This module looks at the nature of the implications of the universal structure revealed in the remnants of teachings found in rare but known already existing ancient texts that have been ignored. Once you know and understand the way the ancients used to 'think' and communicate, your perception of reality and priorities may be changed forever.

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